Fiber-optic based fluorescent ultramicroscopy

          The system was developed in collaboration with Institute of Normal Phisiology Russian Academy of Medical Science, Moscow, Russia.

– gene expression detection in whole organs using quantum dots, fluorescent proteins and special tissue staining
– single neuron and neuronal network visualization in whole brain
– embryos anatomy visualization

          Features of fiber-optics design: 
– optimum focusing parameters due to single mode (gaussian) propagation
– flexibility and portability
– immunity to external perturbations (vibrations, temperature, humidity, dust)
– easy and safety handling

– max. sample dimentions 30x15x15 mm
– optical spatial resolution: transversal – 6 micron, axial – 21 micron
– positioning accuracy ( Z direction) 1 micron
– fluorescent filters spectral range 425…633 nm

          Optical setup:


untitled4          Image gallery:




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1. A. N. Morozov, I. V. Turchin, V. A. Kamenskii, I. I. Fiks, A. A. Lazutkin, D. V. Bezryadnov, A. A. Ivanova, D. M. Toptunov, K. V. Anokhin Fibreoptic fluorescent microscopy in studying biological objects. QUANTUM ELECTRON40(9), p. 842–846 (2010).